End of Life Care




We understand that losing a pet is never easy but sometimes love dictates that we not let our pets suffer. Our team can help you discuss issues surrounding euthanasia including but not limited to: how to know when “it is time;” how to help more vulnerable family members come to terms with the decision and how to address any discomfort your pet may have.

Our team can talk you through what happens to ensure a euthanasia is not scary or painful for your pet. We can guide you through personal decisions about whether to be present, whether to bring children and how to comfort your surviving pets after a loss. We can also explain the options that are available for caring for your pets remains and help you think of ways to honor your pet.

kd_endOfLifeCare2Our facility has been specially designed to accommodate the sensitive nature of the euthanasia experience. We have a very private room, which is accessed by a separate hallway that is reserved exclusively for end of life care. This room provides a gentle experience through the use of soft lighting and colors. Family members can spend as much time as they need with their pets, before and after the end of life.

We offer different mementos from your pet that can be taken home as a way to honor his or her memory and to start the process of healing.